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Protect your tools and equipment while traveling. Recognized and Accepted by the TSA. Security window can only be reset by a person knowing the combination. Keep your case contents secure while traveling.

How it Works
1. Every Travel Sentry® Approved Lock has a special identification mark alerting the TSA and other airport security agencies that they can open this lock without destroying it.
2. Each lock has a special code, which is used by the TSA and other security agencies to know which tool to use to open the lock.
3. Every security screening location at all US airports and now many other international airports are able to open the lock and then relock it after inspection.

Official Built-In TSA Accepted Lock now comes standard on the following cases - as seen in the list of products below:

Select Molded Tool Cases: 349T, 359T, 369TH, 410TH, 555TH, 920TC, 978T
All Guardsman Cases: 757TH, 777TH, 788TH, 1013, 1016, 1018, 1114, 1116, 1118
All Heavy-Duty ATA Cases: Part numbers ending in A & AH (not on 460909AH or 531111AH)
Also available on custom cases.
Contact Platt's Engineering department for a complete list at [email protected].

Click here for printed PDF instructions about how to set your combination lock.
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