Custom Foam

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Platt can make a custom case for any application. Since 1921 Platt Luggage, Inc. has been recognized as the leader in quality case manufacturing. Our experience gives us the ability to design and build cases that precisely fit your application.

Platt is a full fledged foam fabricator. Foam inserts can be provided for any case including your current case. We can customize any case with a custom foam insert that will fit perfectly around your items. Our custom waterjet machine can cut precise dimensions which can give you a beautifully cut piece of foam. Top off any of our foam with a velour foam topping to give your items that something extra.

We are proud of the design solutions we’ve provided our customers over the years. We are confident that we can provide the same service to you. Please contact the Engineering Department for a quote at 800-222-1555, fill out our Custom Request For Quote Form or e-mail: [email protected].
  • In-House Water-Jet Foam Cutting Machine
  • In-House Foam Convoluting Machine
  • In-House Foam Fabricating Saws
  • In-House CAD Design
  • Foam Inserts Available for Any Case
  • Several Foam Types to Choose From

  • FOAM TYPES (click for more information)
    Polyurethane Ether Foam
    Polyurethane Ester Foam
    Polyethylene Foam
    Polyethylene Anti-Static Foam
    Velour Covered Foam
    Pick-n-Pluck Foam
    Plank Foam