Locations, Hours and Directions
What are your hours of operation?
Where are you located?
Where is your shipping dock located?
Can I get directions to your location?
What if my local distributor is out of stock on an item?
How do you ship? UPS? FedEx? DHL?
Do you ship Air Freight?
What are the shipping costs?
Do you drop ship?
Can I purchase pick-n-pluck cubed foam?
Can I purchase replacement parts such as locks or wheels directly from you?
Do you sell direct?
What is your return policy?
Product Information
Are your cases watertight?
What are the dimensions of your cases?
What are the weights of your cases?
What do you have in stock currently?
Do you have cases that I can see at your factory?
Do you have any computer cases?
Do you carry TSA Locks for shipping on airlines?
Do you sell the tools in your cases?
Distributor/Sales Representative Information
I can't find a local dealer in my area. What do I do?
Do you have any international distributors?
Can I become a distributor?
Can I become a sales representative?
Quotes and Customization
Can you customize my case for me?
Can I get a quote? Who do I send it to?
What is your lead time on custom cases?
Minimum Orders
I only need to purchase one case. Is there a minimum to buy?
What is your minimum quantity for custom products?
Misc Information
How can I get a printed catalog from you?
I can't find what I am looking for? Can you help me?
I purchased a case from you awhile back and would like another one but I donít know what the Platt case number it is. How can I tell which one I have?
I'm having problems downloading your catalog.
My tool pallet fell apart. Do you replace these?
OEM Cases
Promotional Products Cases
Technician Cases
What are your terms and conditions?
What is your privacy policy?
What warranty do I have on my case?