Platt History


As a fourth-generation family business, Platt Cases has led the personal luggage and case industry in creating exceptional products since 1921. We are delighted to celebrate over 100 years of Platt leadership and innovation.
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The Beginning

Benjamin Platt emigrated to the United States in 1904 and opened Platt Cases for business in 1921. Having had experience working with leather to make Cossack saddle harnesses, Benjamin found a natural talent in creating new, sturdy suitcases which were well-suited to endure the rough handling of 1920’s era trips.

  • Business established by Benjamin Platt in 1921
  • Products developed included leather personal luggage and bags
  • Chicago location on Ashland Avenue

With the second Platt generation assuming leadership of the business, the company also moves to a new Chicago location.

  • Paul and Sidney Platt, second generation leadership
  • New Chicago location at Elston and Armitage

Once again, expansion is necessary and the company moves to a larger building in Chicago.

  • New Chicago location at The Platt Luggage Building, designed by Howard Van Doren Shaw

New Manufacturing Process and Applications

Continuing the tradition of innovation Benjamin Platt established in the company, Platt Cases begins developing personal luggage and bar cases manufactured in ABS plastic. The company’s focus on new manufacturing materials provides new product and industry opportunities.

  • New materials and manufacturing processes brings new, innovative product options, including molded plastic cases for personal luggage and bar cases

Transition from Personal Luggage to Industrial Cases

The third generation of Platt family members embrace the new manufacturing processes and begin producing industrial cases for tools, business machines, traveling salesmen, and many other applications.

  • Dennis, Michael, Marc and Ben, third generation leadership
  • Expansion of product line to provide cases for industrial, tool, business machine, bowling and display industries

The Platt product line now includes Guardsman, industry leading for their strength and low weight. Polyethylene becomes the material of choice for many Platt molded cases.

Platt moves to their current facility, at 4051 W. 51st Street in Chicago. This new location provides the space to expand their operations to a more modern facility, and to add new production capabilities, including CNC drilling, rim bending and expanding molding capacity.


The Platt family’s fourth generation leads the company toward new technology, and customized product offerings. Platt becomes a foam fabricator by adding new foam cutting machines, CAD design expertise and a waterjet cutter. Platt is now able to offer a full in-house solution for custom case and foam solutions.

  • Dan, fourth generation leadership
  • Full foam fabrication capabilities added
  • New customized product options

New Technology and Processes

More than one hundred years ago Benjamin Platt established Platt Cases with a commitment to producing quality, sturdy luggage. Today, the company continues its tradition of excellence, while embracing innovation with new technologies, including in-house CAD design, vacuum forming and convoluting machines, foam fabricating saws, as well as CNC cutting and waterjet cutting. In 2020, Platt was awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification, bolstering its tradition of excellent product quality and strong customer service.

While many standard products are available for same-day shipment, Platt also offers comprehensive case customization options, including custom molded and sewn cases, custom foam, and extensive branding capabilities.

Platt Cases, celebrating four generations of Platt family leadership, and over 100 years of innovation and exceptional case production.