Technician Cases
Platt Tool Cases for Technicians

Our cases are professional, experienced and organized: just like you. We have spent years engineering our tool cases to match the needs of our users whether you are on the road, in the field, or in a home. There is never a need to worry about your tools getting lost, damaged, or unorganized with Platt cases. We understand how important it is to make the right impression the first time, and we are here to help you do your job better and quicker.

Our cases are organized. Platt cases are designed and organized to make your life easier when you are on site or getting to a site. On-site we make sure that your tools are in the same place every time, so you are not wasting time or energy digging through a tangled mess. We also make transport as easy as possible - from airport belts to pick-up trucks to meeting presentations, our cases will serve all of your needs.

Our technician tool cases are well-made and high-quality. For nearly 100 years Platt cases have been made in Chicago. We have the same pride in offering the highest quality products as you do in offering the highest quality services. And the last thing we want is a broken tool or a case that won’t open because a case failed to do its job.

Protecting and organizing your contents is our number one objective, but we also want a case that is sharp and professional-looking. We know our cases are often times people’s traveling offices, and we want you to be able to give the best impression when you walk through the door.

For more information on which case is right for you contact us or look at the cases that are the most popular products for you.