Read What Customers Are Saying About Platt!

“This is a USA-made product with USA-made quality, and over the course of its decades of service will cost perhaps 25-30% of what a series of Chinese knockoffs would cost. I have never had to replace a Platt case for any reason other than convenience - the three will probably outlive me.” Dale C.

See Dale's website for other photos and raves about his Platt tool cases.

"I have over 1.3 million air miles with my 777TH, and I am still very satisfied with my case. It's my desire to see just how long it can last!" Tracy T.

"This is the kind of service and pride that once was the foundation of American business and manufacturing." - Greg D.

"I got my tool case new in early 1986 and have been using it constantly ever since. It's still going strong after 25 years." - Jeff R.

"Been carrying a Platt Guardsman case for approx. 8 months and not once have my tools come out on the baggage carousel outside my box , as my previous tool cases did. Recommend it to all." - Greg T.

"Just wanted to quickly send a "thanks" - while I have been working with your company for only a short while - already I am impressed with your service and efficiency - Thanks!" - Rena B.

"Platt has always impressed me with quality workmanship and quality service. You definitely know how to look after your customers! Top notch!" - Fred J.

"Thank you to Platt for making such a fine tool case. I have owned this box for 10 years and will be purchasing another one just like it." - Jerry D.

"I would like to congratulate Platt on making an incredible product that has served me well for over 20 years of daily use. Thanks for the quality!" - Richard D.

"Ever since we placed Platt on our website, we have started getting some results. WOW, what a great company to deal with, I wish all manufacturers treated us like you do." - Steve