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Nearly 100 years ago Platt Cases made its unassuming start in leather goods.

The tools Benjamin Platt used are now only historic mementos. He used them as he became the first of four generations of Platt’s to serve business travelers and intrepid vacationers. 100-some years have passed since he reached Ellis Island, USA, in 1904, fleeing the Czar's heavy-handed sergeants, escaping his involuntary military service to a new life in the New World.

He found it was not a difficult change from cutting leather for Cossack saddle harnesses to shaping fine cowhides into sturdy suitcases and stylish bags. His new creations were well-suited to endure the rough handling that 1920-era trips entailed. Rough roads and rougher treatment were the norm.

If he were to see our plant today, Grandfather Benjamin might regret that we no longer use his reliable leather. But he would quickly appreciate the new materials we use, and understand that today’s tough, well-designed cases do just what his early leather luggage did - serve, protect, survive.

Platt is the first company to introduce combination locks on luggage, cushioned handles, custom hardware and urethane pallets. We were the first to mold bowling bags from plastic and the first to mold plastic end shells on catalog cases, a technology breakthrough at the time.

Manufactured in Chicago since 1921 in a unionized facility, we offer same day shipment on all Platt standard products and custom cases can be quickly produced in our extensive in-house sewing, molding and foam fabricating departments.

Platt offers unique customization of cases which can include custom foam inserts, custom colors, custom pallets, custom hardware, molded-in logos, nameplates, silk-screening, and embroidery. Our product development team and experienced engineering staff have the knowledge to create a custom case or custom foam insert to fit your unique requirements.

Platt’s state of the art technology, including in-house CAD design, CNC production machinery, water-jet cutting machine, vacuum forming machines, foam fabricating saws and convoluting machines, makes it a cut above the rest.

We’ve evolved through several storefronts near the tanning plants, through a manufacturing plant near the McCormick Place Convention Center (the facade of the former Platt building is located next to the Hyatt Hotel which is directly next door to the McCormick Place Convention Center) to today’s present manufacturing location near Chicago’s Midway Airport, convenient for our out-of-town customers.

The fourth generation of the Platt family continues to lead the industry forward as their father, grandfather and great-grandfather did before them. The materials used now reflect our age of portability and efficiency. The cases are made to last, to be secure, to be shippable and to fit a multitude of individual needs.

Seeing the Platt family name on a case will assure you of the highest quality products - American made and World class!

Former Platt Luggage Building
Former Platt Luggage Building

<> Platt Plaque
Facade of the Former Platt Luggage Building

<> Current Platt Luggage Building
Platt Luggage, Inc. Located at 4051 W. 51st Chicago, IL 60632